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Sales Training Comments

Take a look at all the positive feedback we get from our Sales Training process! This is only scratching the surface, but it should give you an idea on how well received it is among the salespeople we train.

Enchanted Fireside:

  • I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to make our work environment more “enchanted”. Your professionalism and knowledge of the hearth industry as well as your positive “how to” approach on client service is something I will adapt and aspire to my professional and personal life.

Top Hat Chimney Sweeps:

  • Looking forward to years of business success with the information, advice, experience and guidance from your firm.

Jessup’s Major Appliance Centers:

  • Lorna was great and very informative. She is obviously very sharp and terrific at what she does.
  • Lorna is very personable and communicates effectively.

Furniture Plus:

  • I am a lot more confident and clear minded on what Furniture Plus requires from me as a sales person. I’ve also learned a lot and looking forward to applying everything that I’ve learned.
  • I enjoyed the training, it was not boring where I was continuously falling asleep. I think this would be a great opportunity for any person to experience whether you are in sales or not.
  • This training was excellent it taught me a lot. I would take everything I learned wherever I go.
  • Best customer service training ever.
  • The training was great as a new person coming into the workplace, I was impressed by the training I got. I’ve learned a lot and I have understood what the job is requiring of me. I’ve built a lot of confidence in how I should deal with my customers.
  • I would like to thank David for all the knowledge which I have received during the 2 day training. I will use the tools for the balance of my life.
  • I enjoyed {the training} and learned a lot about dealing with customers daily.

Furnish 123/Furniture Connection:

  • I absolutely loved the training. I definitely have learned so much. I’m so excited to utilize the tools and knowledge I’ve gained from this training and I know when I focus on one thing at a time and really hone in on it I, as well as my team, will be successful. Fromm this training I have grown both personally and professionally. I cannot thank you enough. I really appreciate everything!
  • Lorna has been a great instructor for both management and sales. Not just an instructor, but a mentor! I’ve been through several different sales trainings and this one has made more sense and the best by far!
  • This training was great. There were a lot of grey areas before this training and I believe it’s all cleared up. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable about everything. It allowed me and other sales associates to become refreshed on what we know and take on better ideas and actions to allow us to become more successful.
  • I appreciate all of your time and effort Lorna. Thank you for teaching us all that you know. I’m excited to put these tips into effect and see fabulous results.
  • Enjoyed the opportunity to learn new skills!!
  • The presentation was excellent. I went from having no training at all, to just winging it, to feeling confident in my skills and feeling like I have the tools I need. Thank you so much.

Ashley Furniture Home Store:

  • Lorna has been wonderful and is a true asset. She makes working fun and educational!
  • Would definitely recommend Lorna to train any sales team! She is funny, positive and very easy to understand!
  • Lorna was wonderful and full of knowledge. A wealth of information.
  • Lorna was very good. Her energy and personality made the class interesting and educational. She gave lots of great examples to help put the information in perspective. I would love to do a class with her again.
  • Great and easy to follow. Funny and full of positive and helpful information.

Craig's Furniture:

  • I’m looking forward to getting on the sales floor and putting into practice what I’ve learned.
  • Great training. Learned a lot of useful tips on how to be more successful.
  • Loved the experience even though I am not a part of the sales team at the moment I can definitely see a future in sales.
  • Bob did a very good job. I’ve learned so much! Thank you!
  • Great seminar. Wealth of knowledge. Can’t wait to put it into action.

Buyer's Paradise:

  • Love Bob, he is a great motivator!
  • Very informative – I can see this helping boost our company sales and moral. Thank you!
  • Overall very informative and well presented. Would recommend to others.
  • Really enjoyed the class and feel I did learn some new things that will greatly help me and the company grow in the future.
  • Found the training to be very informative.

Energy Center – Manhattan Pool:

  • Great class – dealing with what is important. I liked getting into the “meat and potatoes” and not wasting time on unimportant areas.
  • I had a great time and I plan on using the tools I learned in this class.
  • Very personal attention to highlighting our strengths and working on weaknesses. Very well done class. Would recommend.
  • Great class, very helpful!
  • Very helpful on new techniques!

PMB Services:

  • David has helped our company tremendously!
  • Great class!
  • Very interesting training.
  • Great learning experience.
  • Excellent instructor taught us many things including ways to increase sales. Taught us how to use the card system.
  • This kind of training would be good for all sales associates. It would improve overall sales effectiveness and sales revenue.
  • I loved this class and thankful to know the right tools to make our store a better succeeding business!