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Following Through With Customers

Written by Lorna Hunter, Business Analyst and Senior Retail Consultant

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Follow-through makes for happy customers as well as a little extra jingle in your pocket. I am sure each of you has been frustrated by someone not following up with you when they said they would. Whether it would be on a personal level or someone that you are trying to do business with. One of the biggest complaints that I hear from owners is when they have to deal with a situation where someone on their team dropped the ball and created a disappointed client.

This actually ties into several different areas of a business. There is the employee who tells a customer they will check on something and then never follows up. There is the employee who tells a customer that they will make something happen for them and then does not take the steps to make it happen. There is the service end that will get back to the customer and then never does. I am sure you can see the trend here, and it all could have been prevented by being organized and taking the time to do what you said you would.

We talk about following up with clients after delivery to ensure they are happy, but this also allows you to be proactive instead of reactive if there are any issues or concerns that need to be addressed. Customers will remember the positive and shop with you in the future which in turn puts the extra money in your pocket.

The New Year is upon us and I think 2017 should be the year of the customer. Let’s stand out and create that truly exceptional experience and not just make it something we talk about doing. Go the extra mile, earn the business, earn the referral, and earn the smile. I promise it will have a positive impact on every part of the business as well as your pocket book!

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