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"Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to the success of our clients as they define it.
By helping our clients succeed, our employees will also achieve their own personal goals."


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Business Analysis

Our Business Performance Analysis will provide some of the most productive days you have ever spent on your business. We promise you, in the end, that you will thank us for it.


A Business Performance Analysis will examine every aspect of your unique business to discover opportunities to improve your profitability and efficiency. Our findings and solutions will be of great value to the overall health of your business. Talk to us today about how you can join the hundreds of our clients over the last 15 years to greatly benefit from this process

Sales Training

How effective is your selling system? Do you even have one?


Even if it is not formalized (i.e. taught as a system to all new employees), all companies do have a selling system. It is what the top salespeople do on a day-to-day basis…but is it the best it can be? Have you noticed a wide difference between the performance levels of your salespeople? In all likelihood, this is the reason. Imagine the difference in skills and service your customers receive, depending on which salesperson greets them…



Sales Management


Are your sales associates working towards their individual goals? Are they held accountable for them?


Customers purchase from salespeople, not from stores. The proper selection, training, and motivation of sales associates are the most important management functions in any selling organization.

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Financial Controls

Does your company have a budget in place?


Employing sound financial controls begins with the development of an operating budget, which includes forecasting all future expenses, revenues, and margins. Without a sound understanding of how every sale and every expense impacts overall results, the ability to manage profits (which is the goal of sound financial control) will be lost. Most companies generate a P & L that shows what has already occurred – but they never get around to creating a true budget – which is actually a plan of what ought to happen. Without a budget – which shows you how and what to manage – a retailer is essentially “flying blind.”



Organizational Process

Correct organizational development processes help to create and maintain a rewarding, enjoyable, and productive working environment for your employees. The by-product of having fulfilled, challenged employees is – not surprisingly – happy and satisfied customers! Our Organizational Development program is designed to help company executives manage on-going growth and change and to achieve a good balance between what the company needs to stay profitable and what employees need to feel motivated and secure. Improved quality of life for the organization and for the individual is always the desired outcome.

Home Interiors


Designing and Selling Home Interiors

This program is a dynamic and visual workshop that teaches basic design and in-home selling fundamentals in a simple and logical format. This workshop gives sales consultants the confidence to “step out on the ledge” with a customer and get involved in complete projects.

Merchandising Art



Merchandise is an asset – but unfortunately, as long as it has not sold – it is a depreciating one. Merchandise sitting on shelves in a warehouse should be thought of as piles of money hiding under the mattress: it’s comforting to know that you have it, but every day sitting there its value decreases. Our merchandising program is intended to assist you in reducing the expenses associated with carrying excess inventory, thus giving you a greater return on your investment and improving sales by attempting to disprove the old 80/20 rule: “We do 80% of our business from 20% of our stock!”



Store Design

The Store Design program is tailored or customized for your store. How do you make your store reflect your brand? We reinforce your current brand or customize a whole new concept.

The Store Design procedure is a three phase process that takes place over the course of our visits to the client's store. These phases include two to three day visits or more depending on the scale of the project. Each project is unique to the client's needs. The first phase of the design process entails consultation and observation. The second phase involves the design and layout of the client's store. The final phase is the implementation of all the agreed upon changes.



Roundtable Groups

Joining a Roundtable Group provides a vehicle that encourages members to work on their businesses not just in them. Roundtable Groups provide not only an open forum for the exchange of ideas, but also a vehicle that provides accountability to each member of the group that you join. In effect, the group becomes its own board of directors. That by itself may be one of the biggest benefits to joining a group. An investment of both time and money is required to be part of a group. Group members find that through improved performance, the cost to benefit ratio of joining a group makes it one of the best investments that they will ever make in their businesses. JRM possesses the credibility, integrity, infrastructure, experience in group facilitation, and a powerful team of professional industry veteran staff members unparalleled in the retail industry.

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Start-up Consulting

JRM brings all of its experience along with our highly developed and proven programs and systems to the table with a step by step process for getting your new business off the ground properly. Why make all of the mistakes that so many have made before you? JRM has developed the systems to minimize stress and maximize profits.


JRM will guide you through every step in building your new business. We can be as simple as you want or as comprehensive as you need. We will customize our processes to best fill your needs.

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Succession Planning

In this process, families identify the gaps between where they are and where they want to be. They develop a strategic plan for the business as well as a family strategic plan to define participation in the business by family members. They build a succession plan for transfer or ownership and management of the company. We work with the family’s legal and financial advisors to ensure that the estate plan facilitates both the founder’s retirement and the transfer of assets fairly among his or her heirs.