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Store Design Portfolio

JRM can develop a store display layout plan that allows you to have attractive, organized merchandise presentations. Since most retailers are at different levels of desires and capabilities, our scope gives us the flexibility to meet your needs. With combining our experience and talent we can create an ambiance that can make your store a great place to shop and, for your associates, a great place to work.

The following are some examples but not limited to JRM’s capacity.

Store design A  

Graphic A: This an overhead view of a light remodel of a display that used an incorporated concept so the customer had a feel of a custom design store but also with the distinction of identified departments. This can be considered three separate buildings due to the firewalls, but with the customer path direction the store feels as one. Both vertical display and square footage was used to enhance desire and give focal points and raise sales per square foot.

Graphic B: This is the detail drawing of a new counter plan extracted from Graphic A. It is concise yet very functional, while not taking up much valuable retail show space. It also accomplishes a relocation of the office customer area from a strategic display area which should now help increase the sales per square foot.

Store design B

Graphics C, D, E. F & G: These next five graphics demonstrate the value of three-dimensional drawings, giving you a better view of the design concept.

Store design C
Store design F Store design G
Store design H

Graphic H: This is an illustration of an office where the salespeople’s work stations are incorporated within the customer service retail office. This budget master concept works best went you have a small staff and the salespeople are allowed to be involved on both sides of the counter. This creates a more personalized service while reducing expenses.

Store design I

Graphic I: These are mechanical drawings of moveable kiosks that can be relocated in different areas of the showroom. These were custom designed for curtain display with shelf storage behind it. They can be designed in many styles and purposes such as accessories, textiles, furniture products, bedding warranty cover pads, etc.

Graphics J, K, L, & M: These are three-dimensional drawings that demonstrate the oval customer path concept. As the customer is walking through the show room, she will visualize more than she would if it is the straight line path concept. Her eyes engage in a sweeping type of motion. If the customer can see more, the possibility of sales will rise.

Store design J Store design K
Store design L Store design M
Dan 3

Daniel (Dan) Jones Senior Store Designer for JRM Sales & Management, Inc. Dan has been in the retail furniture and design industry for almost 30 years, spending 22 years with Haverty's Furniture in Atlanta.  During that time Dan got a unique understanding of furniture retail by managing Atlanta's Customer Service Department as well as the Inventory Control Department, before becoming Lead designer and Accessory Buyer for the Atlanta stores.  In 1985 he was recruited to Haverty's Corporate Office to join the Store Planning Team.  He then spent 15 years as Director of Store Planning, in charge of all aspects of store design for new stores and remodeling of the 100+ store chain.  He was in charge of coordinating with Store Managers, Architects, Engineers, Merchandising, Advertising, and Display Teams, to transform an empty plot of land into a successful retail showplace.