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In the ever-changing retail environment, brick and mortar retailers are striving to provide customers with a great experience. Many retailers are creating store environments that make the shopping experience fun and exciting but fail to develop a selling system that creates the same exciting experience from the sales associates.

Because most customers have had poor experiences with retail sales associates, they are pre-conditioned to assume the associate they will encounter on their visit to your store will be no different.

Many customers shop and purchase online because they do not want to deal with sales associates. In many cases, it is not the sales associate’s fault they did not provide a great experience for the customer; they just have not been given the proper tools or training required.

Where there is no formalized selling system, a company has as many selling systems as there are sales associates. A business owner or manager should be able to have confidence everyone entering the store will receive the highest level of service they deserve from any sales associate in the organization. With more customers shopping online and fewer opportunities for the brick and mortar stores, the service they receive from a sales associate is vital to the success of the company.

Customers do not always need the store’s product, but they do have needs usually related to the product. The customer may need the product to provide:

  • Reflection of lifestyle
  • Comfort
  • Value
  • Solution to a problem
  • Image
  • Reliability and Trust

When sales associates have the tools and training they need to develop a relationship by listening and understanding the customer needs, the store can convert a potential customer to a client. Converting a customer to a client benefits both the company and sales associate from repeat business and referrals.

This can only be accomplished through a formalized selling system.


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